Big Ant Heated Car Seat Cushion, 1 Pack Premium Quality 12V 24V Comfortable Seat Cushion for Cars SUV Pick-up Truck

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High Quality Material-Luxurious Soft Leather Cover is extremely soft to the touch. No hair loss、 No pilling、 No irritation to the skin.

Durable and Convenient: It is durable and won't affect its service life when it not used for a long time.

Simple to install - equipped with elastic bands to fasten the cushion to the seat and keep it in place perfectly, and designed with non-slip rubbers on the bottom.

Wok For all Cars, SUV, Trucks & Vans with rare models etc.

Maximum temperature is 114 degrees Fahrenheit.


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  • how many amps are these? i plugged in 2 and they burned out my adapter. i need to know the specs so i can get the propper splitter for my cigarette lighter

    Hi, that is 3 amps.